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Fully remote

Our global team operates remotely using modern tools, valuing outcomes over hours, while upholding excellence.


Open-source dev tool

We champion transparency and community. We design user-friendly tools, enabling developers to produce exceptional software.


Industry-leading team

Team members gained expertise at major companies such as Uber and Silicon Valley startups. Nango is backed by top US investors, notably Y Combinator.


We're at a magic moment

We've gained significant traction with a fast-growing community and satisfied paying customers. Join us to elevate SaaS offerings with advanced integrations.

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Nango simplifies the process for engineers to integrate their software with external APIs. Our open-source platform acts as a one-stop solution for all product integrations.

Despite companies investing $2B annually in creating product integrations, they often miss out on significant revenue due to the absence of crucial integrations. With Nango, businesses can integrate once and immediately tap into a suite of 120+ integrations. This not only saves on engineering expenses but also captures more opportunities and wins deals.

There's a growing trend towards enhancing software products with integrations, especially among LLM apps that require data imports from external systems.

Company timeline

Oct 2022 Jan 2023 Feb 2023 March 2023 April 2023 Sep 2023
Nango founded Joined
Y Combinator
(Winter 2023) Launched Nango Cloud 2,400+ Github stars
260+ community members
60+ contributors
70+ supported APIs Secured $2m in funding
from top US investors (unannounced) Fast-growing revenues
3,200+ Github stars
600+ community members
90+ contributors
120+ supporter APIs

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